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The Difference Between Loss Assessors and Loss Adjusters

Loss Assessors, Loss Adjusters and How They Are Different.

Loss assessors and loss adjusters are two very similar job roles in insurance. This means that they are very easy to get confused with each other. A loss assessor works for the policyholder. But a loss adjuster works for the insurance company and their interests where there is a claim.

What Do Loss Assessors Do?

If someone had a property that has had damage occurred to, they would make a claim to their insurer. These claims can be to do with damage by fire, floods, storms, or subsidence. Next, the insurance company may hire a loss adjuster. The client then has the opportunity to hire a loss assessor to fight in their corner.

Loss assessors are experts in claim handling. This allows the experience of making a claim to be less stressful for the client. This is because a loss assessor speeds up the process a lot for the client making it easier for them.

Public loss assessors will help their clients with every aspect of the process. This includes the practical side of things and the paperwork of the claim.

Loss assessors will then meet with a loss adjuster. This is to consult with each other to work out a deal that suits the client best. Public loss assessors are experts in their field. This means that they will explore every angle to get their clients the best pay-out possible.

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When Is The Best Time To Appoint A Loss Assessor?

It is common for people to hire a loss assessor at the latter stages of an insurance claim. This is still a good option as it means that the policyholder will still be seeking expert advice.

Yet, it would mean that the process would’ve taken a lot longer than it could’ve. If the client would’ve hired a loss assessor at the start of the claim, then it would take less time to conclude.

If a loss assessor were to work with a client at the start of the process, then they would find that it is a faster process. They could look into any loopholes that the policyholder may not find. This would speed up the process and could mean that the policyholder would get a bigger pay-out.

If a client were to hire a loss assessor at the latter stages of the process it would still take a while to finish. It would take some time for the loss assessor to prepare for the case. Making the claim even longer and more stressful than it already is.

How Can Public Loss Assessors Help You?

A loss assessor’s sole purpose is the policyholder’s best interests. This means that you can trust Public Loss Assessors to get the best settlement for you.

They will make sure that all the damage to the property is identified. They will also make sure that the necessary repairs are being made as soon as possible. This includes finding the best contractors to make the repairs to the property. They will take care of the whole claim leaving no stone unturned.

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