Do Your Insurance Policy Cover For Business Interruption?

Business Interruption Claims Help – Does Your Insurance Policy Cover You?

In these troubling and worrying times, now more than ever, people are looking for help with business interruption claims.

Many businesses across the UK overlook business interruption insurance. This is because either because they simply don’t know about it. They believe they are already covered for business interruption in their insurance policy.

However, while building insurance and will put right any initial damage. Your insurer will not give you any compensation for your loss of income. To be covered for business interruption, sometimes you must take out a whole separate policy.

Calculating Business Interruption

Help With Business Interuption ClaimsWhen your business is shut down due to disastrous circumstances such as a fire or flood, you lose revenue. In addition to this, your business is will still have to pay its bills. To add to this, you may incur additional expenses as a result of the interruption.

This is why business interruption insurance is vital for some businesses. Having an insurer cover your income whilst you can’t work can save your business from permanent closure. Business interruption claims are some of the most complicated claims in the industry. They require complex calculations to accurately determine your loss of income. You will then need to prove this to your insurer by gathering as much as evidence to support your claim.

Are you covered for any revenue lost during closure? This may include any fixed expenses such as water and electricity bill and even expenses of renting temporary premises. Your policy may even have extra cover, which sometimes include advertising for your new temporary location.

When determining your businesses loss your insurer will consider past tax returns, profit and loss statements. Projected sales and non-continuing expenses such as employee wages will also need including.

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Public Loss Adjusters

BI Claim HelpWhile business interruption insurance can help your business survive a disaster, there are limitations and exceptions to this type of coverage.

If you obtain business interruption coverage as part of a commercial property policy. The coverage will only extend to events detailed in your policy. What happens if your property insurance does not cover storm damage? You cannot make business interruption claim if your company closed down because of a storm!

Managing business interruption claims are very complicated. Appointing an independent loss adjuster such as Public Loss Adjusters will help. They are one of the largest independent loss adjusting firms that operate nationally.

They can support your claim and make sure you have the same level of experience that your insurer has. Public Loss Adjusters have 72 combined years of experience in loss adjusting. They can make sure you receive everything your entitled to. Call 08000 434 999 to call Public Loss Adjusters and see how they can help your claim.

What Are Public Loss Adjusters and How Do They Help?

Loss Adjusters are generally known as someone who works with the insurer. They give them an overview of the costs that the insurer they are working for may need to pay out. This generally happens in order to settle a home insurance claim. They can do this by looking through the policy and making sure that nothing covered under the policy is omitted. They can also look for clauses within that policy that could would make the claim invalid.

Alternatively, Public Loss Adjusters or similarly, a Loss Assessor is different as they work on behalf of the policyholder instead! They negotiate with the policy holder to make sure that a fair settlement’s obtained.


Need help with a home insurance claim?Some insurance companies may be reluctant to pay out on some home insurance claims due to loopholes written into the policy. This is where they believe the policyholder has not stayed completely true to the exact wording written into the policy.

This could be interpreted differently dependent on when the loss adjusters are working for the policy holder or the insurer. Dependent on which side the loss adjusters are on, their aim is to mitigate the claim, to best suit them.

However, in the case of a Public Loss adjuster, they work solely for the policy holder. Many people do not know they can hire their own independent loss adjuster. They will provide them with the same expert knowledge the insurer has.


Will your insurers loss adjusters reject your home insurance claim?Many people believe that loss adjusters who are working for an insurance company are impartial. After all, your insurer has appointed them. In reality they’re paid for by an insurance company. In reality, how can they be if they are relying on the insurer to pay their wages?

Most loss adjusters who work for the public have to adhere to a strict set of codes. These set out by the Chartered Institute of Loss Adjusters, General Insurance Standards Council and the Financial Conduct Authority. By abiding by their rules they will attempt to address this concern.

By hiring your own loss adjusters, you can guarantee that negotiations with your insurer are dealt with fairly. This will cover everything insured under your policy.


Unfortunately, in most cases these loss adjusters don’t work for free. Many will charge a small percentage of the final settlement. Yet, independent companies, such as Public Loss Adjusters, offer a service that does not add costs to the policyholder. This is true if you appoint one of their recommended building contractors to restore damage to your property.

Loss adjusters deal with all types of property claims. This generally includes perils such as: Fire, Escape of Water or Subsidence.  A Public Loss Adjuster plays crucial role in the insurance claim process. They are usually the first person you will talk to when you make a claim.

In general,a  home insurance claim can take as little as 48 hours to over a year to for settlement. This may be dependent on factors such as the type of incident that has occurred. Also, the extent of the damage taken into consideration.

An independent loss adjuster can help speed up a claim. The aim is to get the policy holder and insurer to work towards a quick and fair agreement. They’re able to do this as they already know the factors that effect the time a claim takes.

One of the factors resulting in the time it takes for the insurer to process the claim could be the timing and detail of the information given to them by the loss adjuster.


When deciding whether to appoint your own loss adjuster, make sure to check they’re Members of the Chartered Institute of Loss Adjusters (CILA).  They are the recognised authority of Loss Adjusters.

If they are members of CILA, they are bound to behave in accordance to the CILA Code of conduct.  There are strict guidelines that aims to battle bias and impartiality

If you’re a property owner and suffer from damage, the best option is to appoint your own independent loss adjusters. These experts will help you with your home insurance claim. They will ensure that you are receiving everything your entitled to. Independent Loss Adjusters can also speed up the process of the whole claim.