Stay On Trend With Wholesale Designer Kitchens Poulton

Over the decades the role of the kitchen has changed with in the family home. It is no longer a place just to prepare and eat food. But has become a focal point of the home. Wholesale Designer Kitchens Poulton can help you design and fit your dream kitchen while staying on this year’s hottest trends!


The use of white cabinets can as a classic look to any kitchen. However, we are starting to see a decline in popularity. More people are now using darker colours such as black, navy, dark green to ass a dramatic and luxurious feel to their kitchen. Although this has a great affect to gain a high-end look.Paring Dark Cabinets With Ligh Worktop Can Give You A Stylish Kitchen

Dark colours can be overpowering. Wholesale Designer Kitchens expert designers suggest paring your dark cabinets with a light-coloured worktop to create a sleek finish.


If white is still your thing what about adding a pop of colour by experimenting with coloured cabinets? Our Poulton-Le-Fylde showroom offers you the perfect opportunity to see this in action. Alongside this you can plan and design your dream kitchen and see it first-hand via our 3D CAD software.


Wholesale Designer Kitchens Poulton cater for all your needs from traditional styles such as the Windsor collection. To the more modern designs such as the Lucente collection. Adding simple clean lines to your kitchen will keep you on trend.

Although natural stone is still the most popular worktop these can be expensive. WDK work closely with their suppliers to make sure you have the best quality products at an affordable price.


Whilst a growing trend can be seen in the removal of upper wall cabinets allowing the creation of a more visually open space. You may be worried about losing valuable storage space.

However, with a WDK kitchen no space is lost or wasted. They work closely with you to make you’re your kitchen is fit for every one of your needs. They can offer you tailor made solutions, so you don’t end up frustrated with inadequate storage.


Kitchen islands can be a great way to add storage into your kitchen. As well as providing somewhere for the family to eat and socialise in the kitchen. Islands or breakfas

t bars work partially well if you have limited wall space and need to gain some extra space.

Wholesale Designer Kitchens Poulton

The showing of appliances are quickly becoming a thing of the past. With more people choosing to integrate their appliances. This gives modern kitchens a more streamlined effect. WDK offer appliances at a discounted wholesale price perfect making sure you always stay well within budget.

Wholesale Designer Kitchen Poulton dedicated team of staff will work closely with you to make sure you stay on trend and stay within you budget. By offering you great quality kitchens at a wholesale price WDK Poulton guarantee you will be satisfied.